1977 Chevrolet Silverado Stepside Pickup

For Sale: $7,500.00 Lowered price $6500.00

Original owner and was ordered special factory build.  Engine 454, 400 turbo transmission, heavy duty drive chain and suspension.  Is a Silverado but was ordered without the exterior moldings that come stock. Do have original factory order papers and books.


Was my wife's show off transportation until 2010.    Was running when stored.  She had lions airbrushed on tailgate

It has never been wrecked, but was repainted in 1978, because Chevrolet had a paint problems during the late 70's.  It was driven for approximately 100,000 miles.

See the photos below.  Contact and will give any information you need. 


Contact Information

Robert Reynolds

Humansville, Missouri

417 754 8644



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